Rebecca Chords


Rebecca Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
F Bb F Bb
Rebecca sweet little girl; Rebecca colouring our world
C Bb
You make the rainiest days so bright
C Bb
One smile from you picks me up so high

Verse 2
F Bb F Bb
Rebecca sweet is the sound; Rebecca crawling all around
C Bb
Your laughter fills up my heart when it's sad
C Bb
One word from you makes me feel so glad

F C Bb Csus F
Love knit you together; He knows all your ways
C Bb
This gift we'll treasure
Csus F
Precious are these days
Bb F Bb
With you Rebecca

Bb F Bb F Bb C
With you Rebecca with you Rebecca

Verse 3
F Bb F Bb
Rebecca when you're all grown; Rebecca with a life of your own
C Bb
Will you cherish the memories we've made
C Bb
Will they bring strength to you one day

Dm Csus Bb F/A
You came from heaven at just the right
Gm7 Csus
To show us how God loves
Dm Csus Bb F/A
The grace of innocence bringing to life
Gm7 Eb F Bb F Bb
A fullness that holds us

F Bb F Bb F Bb F Bb F
Rebecca with you; Rebecca we love you