Still Amazing Chords


Still Amazing Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
F Bb F
Lord, I know the power of the blood of the Lamb
F Bb F Bb
The cleansing flow of Calvary to redeem fallen man
C Bb/D C/E
Though You were rejected and Your love was more than tested
F Db Eb
You carried on

Verse 2
F Bb F
Lord, You left Your Father; You came to set men free
F Bb F
To give me life You laid Yours down as a ransom just for me
Bb C
O Jesus, I'm so grateful
Bb2 D C/E
That Your love's been more than faithful

F Am7 Bb2 C
Lord, Your grace is still amazing
Bb2 Gm7 Bb C
Amazing to me
Bb2 F
Amazing to me

Verse 3
F Bb F
Somes our desires may lead us far away
F Bb F
But Your Spirit draws us back to You no matter where we stray
Bb C Bb2 D C/E
Even in our weakness, Lord, Your love can always reach us

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