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Even Now Chords (Transposable):

Ab Db Ab

Verse 1
Eb2sus Db Ab2 C Eb2 Eb2sus Db Ab/C Eb2
Sweet aroma, filling my senses, Jehovah, covered by Your grace
Eb2sus Db Ab2 C Eb2
You alone are all my soul desires
Gb2 Db2 F Ab Eb Eb
I live to see the beauty of Your fa - ce

Ebsus Ab Db2 Ab
Even now, I sense Your presence
Ab Eb Eb7sus Eb7
Even now, I know You're ne - ar
C/E Fm C7 +5 Fm7 Bb9
And it's so easy to believe what my eyes cannot see
Bbm7 Db2 Eb Ab Db Ab
And I know You are here, even now
Ab Db Ab
Ab Db Ab Db Eb Ab

Verse 2
Eb2sus Db Ab2 C Eb2 Eb2sus Db Ab/C Eb2
Holy fragrance, comfort my spirit, the essence of a love divine
Eb2sus Db Ab2 C Eb2
Just a whisper, my heart will hear it
' Gb2 Db2 F Ab Eb Eb
I'll stay with You until the end of ti - me

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