That Home Chords


That Home Chords (Transposable):

Gb Gb

Verse 1
There was a home in town, where broken kids, the lost & found
Ebm7 B Db
Would come from miles around, just to see what love was all about
Gb/Bb B2 Gb
'Cause Momma had a way of makin' things okay
She'd cook us our favorite meal, sit and listen to how we feel
Ebm7 B Db
Oh, how the pain was real, how many families what the devil steal
Gb/Bb B2 Gb
Momma had a way of makin' things okay

Chorus 1
Db/F Ebm7 B2
In that home, we knew we were safe
Gb Db
To be young enough to dream, find the faith to believe
Gb/Bb B2 Ebm7
And in that home, love it had no end
Db B Gb
It's where we learned to forgive, in that home

Verse 2
Momma always had the music on
Somes loud, somes soft
When I asked her 'bout her favorite song
B Db
She opened the bible to the book of Psa------lms
Gb/Bb B2 Gb
She always found a way to talk about grace

[Chorus 1]

And on that day I got the news
That Momma's stay here was almost through
I stayed all night by her side
Db/F B
Held her hand, looked in her eyes and said, Momma

Chorus 2
Ebm7 B
When you're home, I know you'll be safe
Gb Db/F
Strong enough to see the faith that you believed
B Ebm
And in that home Life will have no end
I know I'll see you again

Gb Ebm7 B Gb Ebm7 B
In that home In that home
Gb Ebm7 B Gb Ebm7 B
In that home

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