The Change Inside Of Me Chords


The Change Inside Of Me Chords (Transposable):

A2 A2 Bsus E2 F#7sus

Verse 1
A2 F#m9 E
Pardon me if I've been acting strange
[No chords]
I haven't been myself lately
A2 F#m9 E
What you see is a person rearranged someone affected me greatly
C#m7 F#m C#m7 A2 E
And I've got so much to say ever since Jesus looked my way

Gonna raise my voice like thunder
F#7sus A2
And leave the world in wonder of the change
The change inside of me
And I will never stop believing
F#7sus A2 A2 #4
That You are the reason for this change
A2 Bsus E2 F#7sus
The change inside of me

Verse 2
A2 F#m9 E
Ev'ry day I'm taking in the view of His glory around me
A2 F#m9 E
I'm awake and I have been made new by the One who has found me
C#m7 F#m C# A2 E
Words just can't say enough when all I can feel is love

Your life You gave for mine to save
The change inside of me
B F#2 A2
It's nothing less than a miracle
Your name I praise
B F#2 A2 E
Because the change inside of me is so beautiful
B F#7sus A2 E B F#7sus A2 E