The Prayer Of Jabez Chords


The Prayer Of Jabez Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
A F#m7
As I come before You Father there's power in this
Place to move the hands of heaven with a word.
A F#m7
You're the God of all creation and You hear
My ev'ry prayer and You
Long to give me more than I deserve so I
A/C# E B A E D A/C# E B A G E
Pray in ex-pectation with great an-ti- cipa-tion

A F#m7 D A/C#
Oh Lord, that You would bless me indeed;
Bm7 E A
Enlarge my territory, that Your hand
F#m7 Bm7
Would be with me, that You would keep me
A/C# D E
From all e-vil that I may cause no pain
Bm7 E A
Oh Lord, this is the prayer that I pray

F#m7 D2

Verse 2
A F#m7
So I kneel before You now I surrender to Your will
And I'm living in the hollow of Your hands.
You have placed within my heart, Lord,
F#m7 E
A vision and a faith that is bigger than
D A/C# E B A E
What I understand; so I pray in ex-pectation
D A/C# E B A G E
With great an- ti-cipation


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