Treasured Possession Chords


Treasured Possession Chords (Transposable):

C#m E E7 A2 F#m7
You're not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters
Bm11 Esus E
Not ashamed to call us Your own
A2 F#m7
Not ashamed to bring us near to the Father
Bm11 Esus E
For by Your blood we come to Your throne

A Bm7 E/G#
We are Your treasured possession
D/F# E A Bm7 E/G#
And the apple of Your eye
E A Bm7 E/G# D/F# E Bm7 E
And You have set Your affection upon us
E A Bm7 E D E E D A
And we delight, we delight in Your love