We Are Possessing Chords


We Are Possessing Chords (Transposable):

Eb2 G F/A Bb Eb Bb Bb F Gm7 F/A
We are possessing, we are taking back what's ours
Eb2 F Bb Ab Bb Eb Bb Bb
We are possessing
G Gsus A Bb G/B C Csus D Eb C/E
We are marching in the power of His might
F F no Eb Bb2 D Bbm Db
We are not maintaining and we will not compromise
F C A7+9 Db Dm Bm7 b5
We are marching into the battle
Eb F Bb F F Eb F Eb F Bb F F Eb Ab Bb
Where only the strong survive

F Eb F Bb2 F F
We must be strong and courageous, we have got to stand
Eb F
We are marching into the battle
Bb2 F F F2 G F Ab
With a two edged-sword in our hand
Am Dm Am Dm
The promise that God gave to Joshua is ours today
Dm7 A Gm7 F/A
Ev'ry piece of ground that our feet shall walk on
F Bb Bb C Csus
That ground is ours to take