We’ll Be Faithful Chords


We’ll Be Faithful Chords (Transposable):

Gsus C Gsus A
Forgetting what lies behind, setting our hearts on the prize
F Gsus G
Always keeping our eyes on our Lord Jesus
Gsus C Gsus A
We're running the race to win all the way to the end
F Dm11 Gsus G
Laying down ev'ry sin that would seek to hinder us

F G G G A Am Am G C G C F F
And we'll be faithful to our calling
G G A Am G A Asus G Am G Am2 G C+7sus F
For You are a - ble to keep us from fall - ing
G G A Am Am G C G Dm7
For in Your promise we will trust
C/E F F G G7 C
You'll be faithful to finish the work You began in us