When The Crazy Kicks In Chords


When The Crazy Kicks In Chords (Transposable):

F5 F5

Verse 1
F5 Fsus
Here I go tip toe into the kitchen
F5 Fsus
And don't you know crash goes the coffee cup
F5 Fsus
My only chance to be still and listen
F5 Fsus
Lord, don't let, don't let the kids wake up

A little with You
The only way to get me through the day

F5 C5 Bb5 C5 Dm
Oh, come meet me in this moment, before it all gets going
C5 Bb5 C5 F5
And these plates start to spin, and the crazy kicks in
C5 Bb5 C5 Dm
A circus of distractions is just about to happen
C5 Bb5 C5 F5 G5
But I'll be ready when the crazy kicks in

Verse 2
F5 Bb
Pushed and pulled by a thousand expectations
F5 Bb
And all the roles that I'm supposed to play
F5 Bb
To hit the ground running's a temptation
F5 Bb
But I have learned this lesson the hard way



You got me where You want me
Even through the highs and lows

You know me, and You hold me
Dm G/B Bb G5
And You show me that You'll never let me go


Bb F5 C5 Bb F5
O-oh, I'll be ready when, o-oh the crazy kicks in