Wonderful One Chords


Wonderful One Chords (Transposable):

C Bb C F C C Bb Eb Dm11
You are the great Creator, You are the wonderful One;
Bb C C Bb C
From dust of the earth You have made us,
F C C Csus
Made us Your daughters and sons.
Eb Ab2 Eb Ab Eb Bbsus Eb Eb
You are the hope eternal, we see the works You have done;
Ab2 Eb Fm7 Gsus
We lift our hands up to worship, worship the wonderful One.

F Em7 Am7
Wonderful One, holy and mighty,
F G Am7
Wonderful One, we give You praise;
Ab Eb2 G F C G
Boldly we come into Your presence,
Dm7 G G A A Dm7 G Gsus C Bb C C
Drawn by Your wonderful love, You are the wonderful One.