Wonderful Redeemer Chords


Wonderful Redeemer Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Em no C
Wonderful Redeemer of my life
Em no C
Thank You for the grace You have shown to me
Em no Am
Nothing can compare to Your heart of love
Bm7 C
I have Your eyes

Verse 2
Em C
Righteous and majestic King of truth
Em no C
All mankind will one day bow the knee to You
Em Am
May our lives reflect the heart of You, O Lord
Bm7 C
We will live for You

Em9 D/F# Am
Sing to the Lord our God
C2 D Gsus G
Lift up His name and exalt Him
Em2 D/F# Am
Your holiness is immense
C2 D
And we, Your people
Gsus C2 D Em no C Em no C
Will worship Your name forever