Written On The Wall Chords


Written On The Wall Chords (Transposable):

Eb Bb F Eb Bb F

Verse 1
Bb Eb Cm Eb
I heard stories about Moses in the desert
Bb Eb
And I wondered if the years he spent there
Cm Eb Bb Eb
Were anything like mine he ran trying to escape
Cm Eb
The consequences of mistakes he made
Bb Eb Cm Eb
Never knew You loved him all the while
Bb/D Eb F
Then You called his name

Eb Bb F
I wish You still spoke through burning bushes
Eb Bb F
I wish You still wrote on blocks of stone
Eb Bb/D
But the sound of this world's deafening
Cm Gm
And I'm having a hard listening
Eb Bb/D F Eb
And I wish Your will was still written on the wall

Verse 2
Bb Eb Cm Eb
I heard of two kings, Nebuchadnezzar and his son
Bb Eb
You sent them dreams and visions
Cm Eb
And Daniel to figure them out
Bb Eb Cm Eb
They'd listen for a moment, obey for an instant
Bb Eb Cm Eb
Then they'd go their own way, but I wouldn't know about that
Bb/D Eb F
You wrote on the wall

Eb F Gm Bb F F-Dm

Gm D/F# F
Cause I can't seem to find You I just need a little clue
Doesn't have to be a parting of the sea
Eb F
If You'd just show me Your way
Eb Bb F
I know You still want to speak to me
Eb Bb F
'Cause I know Your love healed this heart of stone

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