Your Majesty Chords


Your Majesty Chords (Transposable):

E Esus4 E2 E

Verse 1
E Esus4 E2
Jesus, Alpha and Omega, Lord of all creation
E Esus4
Beginning and the End, Spirit ever-present comfort
E2 E
Granting us a peace we could never comprehend

C#m7 A2
Jesus conqueror of sin
With the power to rise again
You're the victor over death
E Esus4 C# Esus4
Oh my Savior holy as You are
E2 D# E2
You removed our sin as far
As the east is from the west

A2 E
Jesus King of ev'ry king
B C#m7
The One who reigns in majesty
A2 E B B Bsus4
Sov'reign God maker of ev'ry galaxy
A2 E
Seated high on Your throne
B C#m7
The One who reigns inside of me
A2 E Bsus4
God who saves we proclaim Your majesty

Verse 2
E Esus4
Jesus equal to the Father
Glory praise and honor
Majesty and pow'r
Never leaving or forsaking
E2 E
Inhabiting our praises in this very hour



E B D#
And we have come to lift You up
C#m7 C#m7 B A
We have come to lift You up
E B D# C#m7 A2
We bow before You, we adore You God
We adore You God


E Esus4 E2 E E Esus4 E2 E

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