All I Do Chords (Transposable):

Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7

Verse 1
Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7
I wanted to find where I was going
Bbm7 Eb7 Cm7 F7
Everything I tried, it took me nowhere
Bbm Ab Gm7b5 Gb
I was so tired of just living my life
F7#9 Bbm7 Eb7 Cm7 F7 Bbm7 Eb7 Cm7 F7
Waiting for a sign

Verse 2
Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7
You came to my side, gave me direction
Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7
Strong on the inside, I shine for You Lord
Fm Eb Dm7b5 Db
Now it's my , now I've made up my mind
C7 C7#5
To be all You want for me

Fm7 Bb7 Fm7 Bb7 Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7
All I do is live my life for You
Bbm Ab Gm7b5 Gb F7 F7#9
I know it's true, I'll never let You go
Bbm7 Eb7 Bbm7 Eb7 Bbm7 Eb7 Cm7 F7
All I do, I'd do anything for You
Bbm Ab Gm7b5 Gb
Everything is in Your hands
So I get up, Get up and praise You

Fm7 Bb7 Gm7 C7 Fm7 Bb7
And I know where I'm going
Gm7 C7 Fm7 Bb7
I know where I'm going
Gm7 C7 Fm7 Bb7
I know where I'm going
Gm7 C7
I know where I'm going



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