All I Want / Every Day I Wake Chords


All I Want / Every Day I Wake Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
D Asus G A D
Everyday I wake to find You there singing to me
Asus G A Bm
Every place I go, I know You're there, You're always with me
F#m G
Every I see the summer skies
A C2 G A
I search the endless blue just to see You

D Asus G
Because I want to be in love with You
Now and forever
D Asus G A Bm
I wanna spend my life with You, wanna stay together
G A D Asus G A
Now I've found the truth, all I want is You

Verse 2
D Asus G A D
When I close my eyes, I see You there in risen glory
Asus G A D
And when I'm on my knees, I know You know every little thing
F#m G
And when I still my heart to hear Your voice
A C2 G A
I hear the angels sing, Hallelujah

Bm G
So take some to look and see
Sun and moon and stars
Asus D A G A
And all creation speaks of You