You Are The Rock / Hallelujah Chords


You Are The Rock / Hallelujah Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
You are the Rock that I cling to
You are my strength and my song
You give me shelter and refuge
Bb Csus4
You are the one who is strong
Bb Csus4 Bb
Was lost now I'm found You turned me around
And standing on Your promise I sing

F Csus4
Hallelujah to the Lord Almighty
Gm7 Bb Csus4 F
Hallelujah to the One who saved my soul
Hallelujah 'cause I've found mercy
Gm7 Bb Csus4
Living free I will be walking in the fullness of life
Bb Csus4
F Csus4 Gm7 Bb Csus4 F

Verse 2
F F Bb
You are the only salvation; You are the end and the start
F F/A Bb Csus4
You are the God of creation; You are the King of my heart
Bb Csus4
Once blind now I see
Bb Csus4
You've set this life free and standing in Your goodness I sing


F C/E Gm7
Let angels above amazed at such love sing
Bb Csus4
Worthy is the King of grace
F C/E Gm7
Let voices ring out let all the earth shout
Bb Csus4 Bb Csus4 Bb/D Csus4
You alone shall have our praise

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