Come Unto Me Chords

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Come Unto Me Chords (Transposable):

D2 Asus G Asus A

D2 Asus G D2 Asus G Asus
Come unto Me all you who are weary, come unto Me all you who need rest
D2 Asus G D2 D2 G Asus D2
Take up My yoke and learn all about Me and I will give you rest

D2 G Asus D2
O, and I will give you rest
D2 G Asus C2 D2 C2 D2 C2 G/B Gm Bb D C2 G/B Gm Bb/D
Yes, and I will give you rest

Verse 1
D2 A D G D
Why do you linger, why do you wait

Verse 2
You carry on without Me
I've always been here but still you hesitate
Bm D A G Asus
I have much in store for you if only you would

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