Dead Of Night Chords (Transposable):

A F#m A2 C# E

Verse 1
A F#m
If I ascend to the heavens, You are there
A2 C# E
If I make my bed in Sheol, You're with me
A F#m
If I arise on the wings on the dawn
A2 C# E
If I sink in the sea, there Your hand will find me

D2 F#m7 A E
Oooh, oooh, there is no deepest depth, highest height
D2 F#m7 A E
With You, in even the dark is light, dark is light

Interlude 1
A F#m A2 C# E A F#m A2 C# E
D2 F#m A E D2 F#m A E [break]

Verse 2
A2 A2 C#
In the silence, in the darkest hour
Esus D2
When You can barely whisper and there's no place to hide
A2 A2 C#
Every ocean is just a drop of water
Esus D2
Every desert a footstep, there's no space too wide

When you call, when you fall, when you hurt I'll be with you
Through it all, in your tears, in your fears, don't you worry
I am here, I am here I'll be there with you
In the dead of night, dead of night, dead of night, dead of night

E D E D2
You can stand on My shoulders in the valley of the shadows

Interlude 2
A2 A2 A2 C# A2 C# D D F#m F#m

Verse 3
A2 A2 C#
Through the struggle I am fighting for you
Esus D2
Feel My heartbeat racing, I am by your side




Interlude 3
F#m F#m A2 A2 C#m C#m F#m F#m

Esus D2 Esus
You can stand on My shoulders, I will hold you
Here in the dead of night, dead of night, dead of night

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