Doin’ A Good Work Chords


Doin’ A Good Work Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
F G G9
We have been commissioned to build up Zion's walls
F G G9
A city made with living stones
Cm9 Am7 D
And we won't be distracted by voices in the night
We're building with the left hand
And we're battling with the right

D7+5 #9 G9 F9 G F13
We're doin' a good work for the kingdom of God
G9 D Em7 Fdim D/F#
Doin' a good work; we're gonna stand our ground
Dm7 G9 F G C F9 #11 13
Revival is outpouring for rebuilding and restoring
Bb E7 #9
We're doin' a work for Jesus and we won't come
F G G9
We won't come down

Verse 2
F G G9
God has sent His Spirit; given us His Word
F G G9
If the people have a heart and mind to work
Cm9 Am7 D
Then He will send a fresh anointing and revival to this land
Then the world will see His power
Through His people once again


Doin' a work