Blessed Are The Broken Chords


Blessed Are The Broken Chords (Transposable):

F Bb F F Bb/D C/E
Blessed are the bro - ken, the Spirit of Christ
F F/A Bb C Bb Bb C F Bb F
Flows through the life laid down His Life abounds
F Bb F F Bb/D C/E
Blessed are the bro - ken, given as bread
F F/A Fsus Bb Am C Bb C C D Dm
The hungry are fed, the Liv - ing Word spoken
Gm7 Dm7 Fsus C Bb2
Blessed are, blessed are the broken

Gm7 C C D Dm Gm7 Dm Csus C
His body torn, His ho - ly blood poured, bitter was the cup
Gm7 C C D Dm
Gave His life freely in the sight of the Lord
Gm11 Csus
Now He's high and lifted up
C C# C D Dm F C Bb
We tremble, we worship, we fall at the feet
Gm7 F/A G/B Csus
Of the One who was broken to make us complete
C Gm7 C/E Bb2 D Fsus C
How our hearts rejoice as He speaks

F/A Gm11 C C D Dm
Let the oil pour out through these broken vessels
Gm11 Csus C
Healing oil pour out and cover the earth
C# Dm F C G/B
As You flood us with life that our hearts can't contain
Gm7 F/A G/B Bb C
We will give it away in Jesus' name

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