Forgive Chords


Forgive Chords (Transposable):

G G F F#m7 b5 B7
Forgive, don't let it live,
Em7 A7 Am7 G/B C C D
Don't let the darkness of Satan in.
G G F F#m7 b5 B7 Em7 A7
Forgive, send it away, don't let it stay,
Am7 C D G C/E D/F#
Let mercy reign, we must forgive.

Verse 1
G F#m7 b5 B+7 D E Em A7
We're called to walk in Christ's footsteps;
Bm A Am7 Am9 C D Bm D Am D D13 F#m7 b5
He had no guile, no worldly style.
B7 D E Em G A7 Am7 Am9 C D
And even when falsely ac - cused, mistreated and abused;
It was His to choose, and He chose to

Verse 2
G F#m7 b5 B+7 D E Em A7
He heard the words that broke your heart;
Bm A Am7 Am9 C D Bm D Am D D13 F#m7 b5
He felt the pain, Jesus knows the shame.
B7 D E Em G A7
He's seen those things that cut your life
Am9 C D
Just like a knife; He felt them ev'ry .

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