High Wire Chords


High Wire Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Will I have to wait all day to find the strength to come to You
When all I hear You say is just to put my trust in You
Em7 C
You stand with open arms, only further than the stars
A7sus4 C
How I long to reach for You

Verse 2
Stepping out on the wire, I'm placing all my faith in You
Catch me if I fall, never let me stray from You
Or become the circus clown
C A7sus4 C
Look ahead but don't look down, as I try to fix my gaze on You

G D Em7 C G D Em7 C
Oh, I believe in You, and I'm in need of You
Am C D
And I think it's over I put my life on the line

Verse 3
G C Em7
And You placed Your hope inside, You gave me wings to fly
Am G C G C
Carried me up here with You, and I could touch the sky
Em7 Am G C
I know I'm home and dry, placing all my hope in You

Now I'm standing on the truth, I realise how safe I am
And I'm holding on to You, I'm never going back again

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