Holy Father Chords


Holy Father Chords (Transposable):

D A D D F#m7 G Asus A/C# Dm

Verse 1
Dm Dm7
Holy Father loving One
Bb Am7 C
Sovereign God who spared not His Son

Dm Dm7
We are Your people called by Your name
Bb Asus A Asus A
We lift our voices as one we procl - aim

D A D D F#m7 Asus F# G Asus
Glory and honor and praises to the King
A D A D D F#m7 Asus F#
We cry glo - ry and honor
G Asus A Dm Dm7 Bb Asus A
And praises to the K - ing on high

Verse 2
Dm Dm7
Holy Jesus Spotless Lamb
Bb Am7 C
Born of a virgin Redeemer of man


Verse 3
Dm Dm7
Holy Spirit pure as a dove
Bb Am7 C
Unite our hearts in perfect love