If God Is For Us / Romans 8 Chords

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If God Is For Us / Romans 8 Chords (Transposable):

G Gsus G Gsus
If God is for us who can be against us
Em C Dsus D
He who gave His only Son, died to save us all
G Gsus
It is Christ who died and rose again
G Gsus
And is sitting at the right hand of God
Em C Dsus D
Who can separate us from that kind of love

Not death not life not angels nor demons
Em7 C D Em7
Not powers nor things present nor things to come
C D G D/F# Em
Not height not depth nor any other creature
C D G Gsus G F C
Can separate us from the love of God

Bm7 C G
Oh I know all the problems of this world
D Bm7
Aren't worth comparing to the glory
That will be revealed in us
D Bm7 C
Even when I'm scared and tired, feeling all alone
Though I'm hungry I know
We're more than conquerers
With the love of God through Christ Jesus our Lord

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