Tears Chords

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Tears Chords (Transposable):

D Dsus C G D Dsus C G C2
D Dsus C G D Dsus C G

Verse 1
D Dsus C G
My heart is heavy with grief
D Dsus C G C2
And Oh the fear it grips me
D Dsus C G
And then I think of how I don't deserve
D Dsus C G
All the grace that You've given to me
Dsus C
But I look to Your face

G2 D2 F# Bm7
And I run to the foot of the cross
Em7 A7sus
And You come with Your outstretched arms
G2 D2 F# Em7
And we dance as we never have danced before
A7sus A D Dsus C G Em7
Turning tears of pain to joy

Verse 2
D Dsus C G
I hold my head in my hands
D Dsus C G C2
Oh Father forgive me
D Dsus C G
'Cause when I think of the nails that were driven
D Dsus C G
The pain that You suffered for me
Dsus C
I fall on my face

G2 D2 F# Bm7
And I run
Em7 A7sus
And You come
G2 D2 F# Em7 A7sus
And we dance as never before


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