Jesus Jesus Glorious One Chords


Jesus Jesus Glorious One Chords (Transposable):

Gm F C
Let all the saintly ones in God rejoice
Gm F C/E
The battle's won so lift up your voice
D Eb D
Declare His name, the Glorious King
D Eb F
Lift up the standard of triumph and sing
Gm F C
Crown Him Lord, the Conqueror of evil
Gm F C/E D
He shed His blood to redeem all His people
Eb D Dm7
And now we join the procession of Him
Eb F
To hail Him Lord and Glorious King

Gm Eb F
Oh Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
Gm Cm7 Dm7
Jesus, Jesus, God's risen Son
Gm Eb F
Jesus, Jesus, forever we'll sing
Gm Cm7 Dm7 Gm Cm7 Dm7 Eb F
Jesus, Jesus, we'll hail You as King