Lead Us Lord (Dream Again) Chords


Lead Us Lord (Dream Again) Chords (Transposable):

E       F#m
Here we stand 
E    A    B     E
At a crossroads again 
Like you said 
   E                B
In time the seasons change 

Looking back 
B                A
We recall the blessing and the pain 
    E               A
But now we turn our hearts toward 
W                 A
What is still to come 
   E               B
We want to dream again 

A       E
Lead us Lord 
 B             C#m      B
Into a life of fruitfulness 
   A        E                 B
Prepare our hearts to risk again 
A     E
As we trust 
        B              C#m    B      A
Taking simple steps of obedience we know 
     Bsus       B       E
That you will lead us Lord