Oh What Love Chords (Transposable):

D Em Bm Asus D Em Bm Asus

Verse 1
D Em Bm D
From heaven to us You came in love
Em Bm G
Reaching down, although we turned our hearts
D Em Bm
In sacrifice, You gave Your Son
Em Bm G
Over to death, our sins, to wash away
D Em Bm
Endless sacrifice displayed
Em Bm A G
All the beauty of unending love
D Em Bm
There's so much that I could say
Em Bm G
Yet, these simple words are rising up

Chorus 1
A Bm G Bm A G A Bm G Bm A G
Father, mmm, oh what love, Father, mmm, oh what love

D Em Bm D A D Em Bm G

Verse 2
D Em Bm
Fully man and fully God
Em G
A great High Priest upon a throne of grace
D Em Bm
And in this priesthood I am one
G Em Bm G
By grace restored to bow before You now
D Em Bm
For on the cross, one final cry
Em Gmaj7 A G
You traded purity for all my shame
D Em Bm
The Son of God for man to die
G Em Bm A G
Even then I know You knew my name

Chorus 2
A Bm G Bm A G A Bm G Bm A G
Jesus, mmm, oh what love, Jesus, mmm, oh what love

A Bm
Nothing can separate us from Your love
No mountain high, no valley low
A Bm
How high, how deep, how wide the love of God
More love than I have ever known

[Chorus 2]

G Bm A G D