Outstretched Hands Chords


Outstretched Hands Chords (Transposable):


Am/C   Am   Am/C       D

    Am/C           Am    Am/C         D
Could I talk to You?  Are You listening? 

    Am/C                  Am                Am/C        D
Would You let me ask the questions, that burn inside of me?

      Am/C       Am       Am/C     D
I am reaching out, I am holding on.

      Am/C                Am     Am/C               D       Am/C Am 
Am/C D
Feel like one of Your affections, but not quite like I belong        
Like I belong

Am/C  Am  Am/C  D

     Am/C        Am    Am/C        D
I am numb today, everythings a blur.

     Am/C                Am      Am/C          D
I've seen too much to deny, too little to be sure.

     Am/C      Am       Am/C           D
Like a prodigal, like a distant son.

     Am/C                 Am       Am/C          D        
I can see you from a distance, but I'm too ashamed to come


     Am            G           D
Will You see me through this valley

      Am          G             D
Will You hold my outstretched hands

       Am          G           D
As the world caves in around me

        Am        G        D                  Am/C    Am  Am/C   D
Will You help me understand     Help me understand              Help 
me understand

Am/C   Am   Am/C    D

      Am/C        Am          Am/C         D
I am scared to fall, scared to carry on

     Am/C          Am        Am/C           D
Am I losing to the cynic, after runnng for so long?

        Am/C         Am       Am/C      D
There's a child in me, lost in mystery 

       Am/C                     Am      Am/C        D     
But it's buried underneath the earth, longing to be free. 

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