Prince Of Heaven Chords (Transposable):

Gb Gb B Gb Gb

Verse 1
Gb B Gb B Gb
Earth in shadow, restlessly hold, labor's waiting, in silent hope
Db Gb/Bb B Gb Gbsus Gb
For the promise, it longs to know what heaven holds

Verse 2
Gb B Gb B Gb
Then the angels, in holy haste, lift their anthem, Your Savior lays
Db B Gb
In a manger, in humble form, your King is born

B Gb Db Ebm
Hail the Prince of Heaven comes, angel choirs sound the call
B Gb Db Ebm
For this babe wrapped in a cloth is the incarnate Word of God
B Gb Db Ebm
All the kingdom and its pow'r resting now in this child
B Db Gb
Prince of Heaven, Jesus, hope of the world

Verse 3
Gb B Gb B Gb
This means mercy, in fullest form, loving-kindness, forevermore
Db B Gb B Gb
Son of David, and Son of God, He is Christ the Lord


Db B
King of glory, we gladly greet
Db B
Born in wonder, and majesty
Ebm Db B
Forever worthy, the earth will sing
Db Gb
Oh, Prince of Heaven, we worship Thee

Verse 4
Gb B Gb
We can know Him, this Prince of Peace
B Gb
In light of mercy, confess our sin
Db Gb/Bb B Gb Gbsus Gb
Lay our burdens at Jesus' feet and with gladness sing