Swan Song Chords (Transposable):

Em Em C C

Verse 1
Em C
Once so long a-go I had made a choice that
Em C Em
I would give it all, not just a fragment of my heart
Em F# Em G C Em
Though years of flood and fire have stung my soul
Em F# Em G C
My love has not grown cold

Chorus 1
D Am7 C G
If these words would be the last words I speak
D Am7 C Em C G
I would know that these came from the depth of me

Verse 2
Em C
I will be the swan, I will sing as if this
Em C Em
Was to be the song that precedes me to my sleep
Em F# Em G C Em
Though years of sin and smoke have worn my soul
Em F# Em G C
My heart won't let You go

[Chorus 1]

Chorus 2
D Am7 C G
And when my lungs won't breathe and my heart fails to beat
D Am7 C G
Of You my lips would sing before the death of me

'Cause if I were to die today
I'll stand behind the words I say
I'll sing about our love the way
Em Em7
The swan does as she sings her grave

Em D Em D D Bm
Am7 G Em D Am7 G Em D

Just to
At the end of my days
Love You's
I'll look back and I'll say
Worth the
It was worth it just to love You
Hell I've been through
Worth it just to love You

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