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The Cause Of Christ Chords / Audio (Transposable):

A   E   Bm   F#m  

Verse 1
    A                     E
The only thing I want in life
   Bm                        F#m 
Is to be known for loving Christ
    A                              E
To build His church, to love His bride
     Bm                          D2
And make His name known far and wide

          D2      A              F#m       D
For this cause I live, for this cause I'd die
A/C#    D2     A            F#m        E
I   surrender all, for the cause of Christ
A/C#   D2        A           F#m     E
All I once held dear I will leave behind
A/C#    D2      A            F#m  E      A F#m 
For my joy is this, oh, the cause of Christ

E   Bm   F#m  

Verse 2
A                        E
He is all my soul will prize
Bm                        F#m
Regardless of the joy or trial
      A                   E
When agonizing questions rise
    Bm                 D2
In Jesus all my hope abides


Bm        F#m 
Jesus, my Jesus 
          A               E
For Your glory, for Your name
Bm        F#m 
Jesus, my Jesus
       A                E       
I will only sing Your praise


        D       A
For my joy is this
        F#m  E     A   E Bm F#m
Oh the cause of Christ

Verse 3
   A                   E
It is not fame that I desire
      Bm                     F#m
Nor stature in my brother's eye
    A                      E
I pray it's said about my life
              Bm                 A/C#      D2
That I lived more to build Your name than mine

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