There Is Only One Chords (Transposable):

C Am7 F Gsus4

C Am7
There He sits upon a throne
F Gsus4
Sustainer of all things
C Am7
The elders bow, the angels sing
F Gsus4
This Their song forevermore

Interlude 1
C Am7 F Gsus4


Dm7 F
And how can I comprehend
Am7 G
The beauty that has no end
Dm7 F
He's beckoned us to come and see
Am G
You have made a way s
Dm7 F
Every nation testifies
Am G
Your majesty they can't deny
Dm7 F Am G
Your Son has made a way for them to come

There is only One Jesus Christ
There is only One Jesus Christ
There is only One the Lamb upon the throne
Found worthy forever



Interlude 2
F C G Am F C Gsus4 Gsus4

Bridge 1
F C G Am
What do the elders see that makes them all fall down
F C Gsus4
What do the angels see that makes them cry holy

Bridge 2
F C G Am
We have to know, we have to know
F C Gsus4
We have to know what makes them cry holy

[Bridge 1]

[Bridge 2]

Bridge 3
F C G Am7
So open our eyes to see the wonder of Your majesty
To join the song that all of heaven sings


C Am7 F Gsus4 C
There is only one