Water And Dust Chords


Water And Dust Chords (Transposable):

Gb Db/F Ebm Ebm Db B

Verse 1
Gb Db/F Ebm
One part water and one part dust
Db Gb
Yet You're still making trophies out of us
Db/F Ebm
Making something out of nothing, it's what You do
Db Gb
Yet Your work is never finished and it's never past due


Db Ebm Gb
Gently Your voice like a calming embrace
B Gb/Bb Db
Calls me from out of the noise
Ebm Gb
You whisper to me, child, forget not your dreams

B Gb/Bb Db
As we lie awake in the dark, just don't lose heart

B Gb/Bb B Gb/Bb
As we lie awake in the, we lie awake in the
B Gb/Bb Db
We lie awake in the dark

Interlude 1
Gb Db/F Ebm Ebm Db B

Verse 2
Gb Db/F Ebm
From the dirt to a throne, with a brand new name
Db Gb
In the blood of the King running through our veins
Db/F Ebm
There's hidden gold in these jars of clay
Db B
And all these hidden crowns will be revealed one day
Db Gb
Yeah, we'll lay them down at Your feet one day



B B Db B Eb Gb
Just don't loose heart, He's got your hand
B B Db B Eb Gb
Don't lose heart, child, He knows your name
Db Gb/Bb B Gb Gb/B Gb/Bb
And when everything is falling apart, don't lose heart

Interlude 2
B B B Eb B Db Gb Gb Gb/B Gb/Bb
B B B Eb B Db Gb Gb

Db Gb/Bb B Gb
When everything is falling apart, just don't lose heart

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