Glory Is Here Chords


Glory Is Here Chords (Transposable):

Eb Eb Cm7 Cm7 Ab Ab Eb Eb

Verse 1
Eb Cm7 Bb
Some day You'll come the darkness will cease
Cm7 Eb/G Ab2 Eb
True light will dawn everyone will then see everything new
Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab
We'll finally see You
Eb Cm7 Bb
Awaiting that day searching for more
Cm7 Gm Ab
While along You are found with the poor
Eb Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab
Help me to see You're all around me

Bb Cm7 Bb Cm7 Eb Bb
Our praises arise as we come to recognize
Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab
Jesus is near Your glory is here
Ab Eb Cm7
Glory is here
Ab Eb Cm7
Glory is here
Ab Eb Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab Eb
Your glory is here woh

Verse 2
Eb Cm7 Bb
In oceans and hills and in ancient skies
Cm7 Eb/G Ab2
Hidden in faces and pain and delight
Eb Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab
Your glory is here and I get a glimpse of You
Eb Cm7 Bb
In silence and prayer and in bread and wine
Cm7 Gm Ab
Somehow the common become the divine
Eb Cm7 Ab Eb Cm7 Ab
Making me new I'm starting to see You

Ab Bb Ab Eb Bb Ab Eb Bbsus Bb Ab Eb Bbsus Bb Ab Eb
Oh oh oh oh oh oh woah woah yeah


Eb Eb - - Cm Ab
[ - softly]
Bb Bb Ab Eb
[ - sparse]
Bbsus Bb - - Cm A Eb
Woah Woah
Bb Bb - - Cm Ab
[ -ggio]

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