Greatest Of These Chords


Greatest Of These Chords (Transposable):


Verse 1
E Bsus F#m C#m
I could chase after greatness, first to fall on my knees
E G#m
Lose myself to be found where You want me
E Bsus F#m C#m
I could do all the right things, sing the words 'til they bleed
E G#m E Bsus
But I know it's just noise, if I don't have love

C#m A E
So I won't waste my breath if it's not for love
C#m A E
I don't have the heart, if it's not for love
C#m A E
Don't let me say it's faith, if it counts no cost
C#m A E
'Cause there's no fear in love, but there is a cross

Verse 2
E Bsus F#m C#m
I could speak like the angels, prophesy knowing all
A2 E G#m A
I could live with the faith to move mountains
E Bsus F #m C#m
Should I die like a martyr, give my wealth to the poor
A2 E G#m A Bsus
It would all scream loud-nothing if I don't have love


E B F#m C#m
Be patient, be kind, hold no envy or pride
A2 E G#m A2
Be the first to come last for another
E B F#m C#m
Never forced, slow to anger, trust without keeping score
A2 B G#m A2 Bsus
Long to suffer with truth, love will nev-er die


C#m A E
Love will never die, but there is a cross

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